Asus ME571K aka Nexus 7 (2nd gen) touch digitizer reverse engineering (updated)

As I said there will be no update till next year I was wrong :( as e had 2nd lockdown so I had extra time to spend on this so I managed to do 1st version v1 and ordered some PCB for test.

If someone wanna try here is GitHub repo with all files included (not professionally designed but hope will work)

Here is front PCB image

After getting PCB v1 I had some issue with FPC connector so I have changed to v2 with updated connector to Hirose explained already before(Molex was easier to source)

v2 is up and running, tested and spending some time for fine tuning
Had sign NDA with Ilitek for TP tools to get it working and so grateful for help from their side.

Will make one blog post with final state, hex files and modifications but this time will be 100% after new year.

Stay tuned ;)