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Asus ME571K aka Nexus 7 (2nd gen) touch digitizer reverse engineering (touch IC selection)

After almost a 5 months I got finally item from TaoBao that I have ordered for this project and due to COVID-19 shipping was extremely slow.

I was researching which alternative for Elan touch IC would be suitable in many ways. Most important one was availability, than features and drivers. In big decision I had one goal in mind and that was already assembled board for existing touch screen that can be tested with existing Nexus touch.

I have found that Ilitek  have both and I have placed order on TaoBao for IC and board separately

(keep in mind that price is not as described - it's a placeholder so seller tell you price when you make order)

As you can see board is pure gold, IC support out of the box 3 protocols (USB, I2C and RS232). I didn't managed to find any other IC that support all of them in one package so this was obviously perfect choice.

Touch IC

I have ordered few pieces so can do prototype board later on when all is in place and tested on demo board. Also got technical documentation from Ilitek (but had to sign NDA) which will help me to develop faster from original sources.

Stay tuned for progress as next part will take some time (don't think will be post anything regarding this until start of next year).