GPS module GN-701 for Drone (BetaFlight)

Cheap GPS (that works OK) is hard to find but I got lucky and ordered 2pcs from AliExpress (Stotoncn GN-701)
I was hoping for Ublox M8N but for that price I knew it will not be real but anyway good price (at least is Ublox 7) :D


Module came well packed with cable for UART, connected to PC with CP2102 USB-Serial adapter and downloaded u-Center 8.28 for setup.
First few tries I couldn't get it to work even all was on stock settings, got few or none satelite even I'm near window and with phone/tablet GPS lock works normally so this should also work (maybe even better due to bigger antena).

After small research on manufacture site I found out that is using u-blox 7 GNSS chip (UBX-G7020) and one I got is with firmware 1.0.0 and on website there was updated one v1.0.1.
Downloaded new firmware (1.0.1), flashed with u-Center firmware update and made changes for config to use only UBX protocol (NMEA disabled)

While I was playing with settings I noticed there is export config from u-Center so here are config files for both firmwares

Firmware v1.0.0 (Configuration file)
Firmware v1.0.1 (Configuration file)

P.S. Baud should be setup to 57600 before restoring configurations, if anything fail repeat until you get success message at end.

And finally after tryingout you should get something like this

If you have any comments/questions let me know ;)